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I am an amateur photographer living in Hertfordshire, England, although I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in Europe and the United States.  On the whole, I like to take pictures of landscapes and townscapes, architecture and nature.  I have recently been turning my hand to "street photography" as a new departure.  The images on this website are my personal favourites.


I have been using Pentax 35mm equipment since 1982 and remain a fan of the brand.  Since 2007 I have had a digital SLR as well as my film bodies.  More recently, I have started to use a FED2 rangefinder (a poor man's Leica), medium format TLRs and a large format 5x4" Horseman LE.


Please feel free to browse around and comment on the images.  I shall update the selection regularly.  I do not often sell images, but feel free to ask if there is one you would really like!


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Random photographs from my albums